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Bài Thi: IELTS SPEAKING TOPIC "TRAVELLING" band 8.0 IELTS kèm giải thích chi tiết Từ Vựng!

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Part 1:

1. Do you like travelling?

Yes, definitely. The idea of getting on a plane and going to a totally different place excites me. Vacationing to me is a form of self-love and I just feel unburdened when I travel to a foreign place.

2. What do you do while you are travelling?

When going on a trip, I love trying out the delights of the cuisine there. Specialties can tell a lot about a locale. I once went to Phuket, an eclectic coastal city and had a taste of Tom Yum, which is spicy and sour with a unique combination of seafood and herbs.

3. Do you think your hometown is a good place for a holiday?

With many low-cost airlines launching new flights to my hometown, I think it’s a potential destination for travellers who are on a tight budget. It also boasts many heritage sites which are appealing to people interested in history and archeology.

Từ vựng tốt chủ đề Travel - IELTS Speaking Part 1

- unburdened (adj): không có gánh nặng.

- herbs (n) : các loại thảo mộc

- cuisine: món ăn ( kiểu ẩm thực)

- low-cost airlines = budget airline (n): hãng hàng không giá rẻ.

- heritage sites (n): di tích lịch sử.

e.g: Heritage sites are not so appealing to local inhabitants.

- vacationing (n): đi du lịch.

- on a tight budget : ngân sách eo hẹp, ít.

- archeology (n): khảo cổ học.

- be appealing to sb: hấp dẫn với ai đó.

Part 2:

Describe a beautiful place you once visited.
You should say :
when you went to this place
where it was
whom you went with
why you liked it so much

I’m going to tell you about a beautiful organic garden I once visited in Danang. Located at the heart of the city, this place is an absolute Gem for anyone who wants to get in touch with nature. On one fine Sunday, my friend and I had a chance to visit this lovely garden. With the delightful smells that gently drift through the summer air, the sound of birds and the tinkling of wind chimes, this garden is truly a wonderful mix of fragrance enhanced with vibrant colors that I rarely had the chance to appreciate living in the city.

It’s not the kind of garden you usually come across in magazines, what made this place stand out from the rest is that it actually allows visitors to learn a bit about how to manage the soil, how to turn organic waste into compost. Thư, the owner, practices “Permanent Agriculture”, a agricultural philosophy that allows available resources around us to be used to their fullest potential. No wonder why the Passion Fruit juice there tasted so good. Additionally, Thư implements a zero-waste lifestyle by using glass bottles as packaging instead of plastic bottles and reusable bags for delivery.

Seeing how local businesses like this one can help create less carbon emission and educate customers on zero-waste lifestyle was so inspiring that I have posted several blog posts to encourage everyone to support small eco-friendly businesses.

Từ vựng tốt chủ đề Travel - IELTS Speaking Part 2:
  • beautiful organic garden (n): vườn hữu cơ tuyệt đẹp.

  • get in touch with nature (v): gần gũi với thiên nhiên

  • drift through (v): thoang thoảng ( trôi trong không khí )

  • tinkling of wind chimes (n): tiếng chuông gió reo.

  • fragrance (n): mùi hương.

  • vibrant (v) : rực rỡ, nổi bật

  • appreciate (v): đánh giá cao, trân trọng

  • come across (v): bắt gặp

  • stand out (v): nổi bật

  • compost (n): phân bón

  • agricultural philosophy (n): triết lý nông nghiệp

  • zero-waste lifestyle (n): lối sống không lãng phí.

  • reusable (adj) : tái sử dụng.

  • eco-friendly businesses (n): mô hình kinh doanh thân thiện với môi trường.

Part 3:

  1. What do you think has led to the growth in the tourism industry?

The major boom experienced in recent decades can be attributed to the development made in the travel industry. To be more specific, the growth of the aviation industry has created influxes of people coming to far-off places around the world. In Vietnam, the emergence of budget airlines have made plane tickets and trips more affordable and significantly increased the demand for travelling.

  1. What benefits does tourism bring to society?

Tourism has surely helped many areas spur their stagnant economies and Vung Tau is the best example. The entire Vung Tau economy revolves around tourism with thousands of jobs created to cater for the demand of its flourishing hospitality sector. People now have enjoyed much better living standards compared to the previous conditions 20 years ago.

  1. Are there any problems caused by tourism?

Many people have considered tourism a blessing in disguise for its adverse effect on the environment. Beaches and oceans plastic pollution and the consequential damages made on biodiversity are concerning problems that make environmentalists opposed to how tourism works.

Từ vựng tốt chủ đề Travel - IELTS Speaking Part 3:
  • environmentalist (n): nhà môi trường học

  • Some environmentalists are strongly opposed to how Eco-tourism works

  • hospitality sector (n): ngành nhà hàng khách sạn

  • aviation industry (n): ngành hàng không

  • influx (n): dòng (người) đi vào nơi nào đó

  • stagnant economy (n): nền kinh tế trì trệ

  • revolve around sth: xoay quanh thứ gì đó

  • flourish hospitality sector (n): ngành nhà hàng khách sạn phát triển

  • a blessing in disguise: trong cái may có cái rủi

  • concerning (adj) đáng lưu tâm


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