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Personal trainer insurance is liability coverage that protects against claims related to the day-to-day operations of your personal training business. For example, if a student sustains an injury in your session, personal trainer insurance could protect you from the financial burden of a claim.

Insure Fitness Group offers the best personal trainer insurance in the industry. We cover thousands of fitness professionals with A-rated insurance designed specifically for personal trainers just like you.

We cover personal trainers working in solo careers, small gym environments, or as employees of national gym chains. We created a personal trainer insurance guide for a full break down of everything you need to know before purchasing a policy.

Personal trainer insurance from Insure Fitness Group also provides professional, general, and product liability coverage, stolen equipment coverage, identity theft protection, and rental damage insurance. All of these coverages are available for $179/year, with no hidden fees. Let Insure Fitness Group protect your career and your future, with the best coverage in the industry- for less than your yearly gym membership.


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