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Hall Of Flame is one of the top USA cannabis brand in 2021. With more than 50 Top exotic flavors It is all about the exotic lifestyle with us. We do ship to all 50 states and always offer offers local delivery in CA . We focus on bringing the best cannabis from all across United state to the consumer. We have been in the Los Angeles Growers seen for a long time and have always been exposed to some of the best weed strains in the world. We couldn’t just keep it all for ourselves, so we created the Hall of Flame brand to bring it to the people! There is a Hall of Fame for everything, sports, music, and even movies, so why not for weed! Hall of Flame is the Hall of Fame for the best cannabis in the world. We don’t stop at just cannabis. We also have beautifully handcrafted woods with the highest levels of cannabis and kief. We know some people prefer concentrates, so we also cater to you! We have some of the smoothes and dankest concentrates around. From smooth butter to beautiful shatter. Bubble gum gelato strain


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